Ez~Air Toyo T108C blower fan

Ez~Air Toyo T108C Description

Ez~Air Toyo fans have been used in the electrical and automation industries for decades, providing quiet and efficient cooling to panels, electricals and electronics assembly.

These compact axial fans are suitable for high air flow with moderate pressure build-up. The air flow is parallel to the axis of rotation.

Design Features

a. Ball bearing system allows for operation in any position
b. Impeller: metal
c. Housing: Die cast aluminum painted black frame
d. Motor: Shaded Pole, impedance protected
e. 1.2m wire leads


 Model       Voltage     Flow Rate     Current     Power       Speed     Static Press     Noise
50/60Hz (CFM) A W RPM (Inch H2O) (dBA)

T108C 110/120 210/250 0.50/0.45 38/35 2700/3000 0.63/0.79 51/54
220/240 210/250 0.50/0.45 32/31 2700/3000 0.63/0.79 51/54
Dimensions: 162 x 150 x 55 mm
Ez-Air Toyo T108C specifications