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Hanyoung Nux LS800N Limit Switches

LS800N Limit Switches Description

LS800N series limit switches offer low cost but high reliable operation due to its plastic body construction. The orientation of the actuating lever can be easily modified by users, thus allowing high flexibility during installation.


Model Roller plunger Push plunger Roller arm Variable roller
Variable ROD Roller lever
LS-802N LS-803N LS-803RN LS-804N LS-807N LS-808N
Frequency Mechanical 120 / minute
Electrical 30 / minute
Insulation resistance Min. 100 MΩ (At d.c 500 V)
Contact resistance Max. 25 mΩ (initial)
Dielectric resistance a.c 1,000 V 50 / 60 Hz for 1 minute / a.c 2,000 V 50 / 60 Hz for 1 minute
Vibration Malfunction 10 - 55 Hz double amplitude width 1.5 mm
Shock Durability Min. 1000 m/s2 (100 G above)
Malfunction Min. 300 m/s2 (30 G above)
Life Mechanical Min. 1 million operation
Electrical Min. 0.1 million operation
Ambient temperature -10 °C ~ +70 °C
Ambient humidity Max. 95 % RH (20 °C)
Net weight 60 g (HY-LS803N)