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Zensor ESZ-26B Piezo Buzzers

ESZ-26B Piezo Buzzers Description

The ESZ-26B piezo buzzer is extremely quiet on stand-by but produce extremely loud sound output when activated. Depending on wire connection, the ESZ-26B can emit continuous or intermittent sound.

Mounting of the buzzer is flexible with either base mount or inserted through 3/4" knockout hole.


Model ESZ-26B
Voltage 3-28V
Current 20mA max at 24VDC
Starting Voltage 2.4V DC max.
Operating temperature -20°C to 60°C
Mounting Hole Ø(mm) Ø20 (3/4")
Sound Level @ 1ft. from Buzzer  
3V 82dB
6V 90dB
12V 98dB
24V 103 dB
28V 104 dB

Demensions (mm)

ESZ26B dimension