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Pixsys TD-240 PLC Touch screen

TD-240 PLC Touch screen Description

TD240 is a 320x240 pixel touch-screen with a 3.5" and 256 colours TFT display. This device integrates the range of Operator panels besides TD320 model. It has programmable PLC characteristics, the same Ladder language of DIN rail mounted PLCs and the graphics is programmable by TdDesigner, the same “drag and drop” development environment of TD320 terminal.
It enables to set and visualize data, images, help messages, flashing texts, as well as the alarms management on historical buffer and profiles storage for process/set-point variables. Through development environment PLProg (the same of Pixsys PLCs), it is possible to integrate the logic into the terminal.
It can be ordered with two different configurations, the first one (TD240-AD) can be used only for graphics and interface through serial output MODBUS with external modules of analogical and digital I/O by two serial port RS232/485 Modbus RTU protocol or free-port. The second one (TD240-11AD) integrates in the same product both visualization and the complete hardware interface with 4 universal analog inputs, 16 programmable digital I/O and 4 analog output. Memory-cards are available for the up-load of firmware.
Total memory is 512KByte, both firmware and programming memory flash (128KByte + 384KByte user memory for ladder and graphic programming). EEProm memory to store user data (2KByte EEProm area + 60KByte Memory area). RAM 2KByte with back-up battery. A memory card is available for program upgrade and/or data storage.


BOX: 140mm x 100mm(Frontal) x 44mm (TD240-AD), 140mm x 100mm(Frontal) x 65mm (TD240-11AD)
POWER SUPPLY: 12...24Vac / 12...28Vcc
DISPLAY: LCD type TFT 320x240, 256 colours – 3,5" touch screen Resistive
SEALING: IP54 Frontal, IP30 Box
TD240-11AD: 4 universal analog inputs 0...1/10V, 0...20mV, 0/4...20mA, PT100, NI100, TC K, S, T, R, J, E, NTC 16 bit
TD240-11AD: 16 programmable digital inputs PNP (total 16 DI/DO)
TD240-11AD: 16 programmable static outputs 12/24Vdc 700mA (max 3A each 8 output block) (total 16 DI/DO)
TD240-11AD: 4 analog outputs selectable as 0...10V / 0/4...20mA 12bit
Serial port COM2 available with interface RS485 / RS232
Serial port EXP1 available with interface RS485 / RS232
Modbus RTU protocol, free-port, proprietary protocols
Flash memory 384KByte for programming
Non-volatile RAM memory 20Kbyte (6 months)
EEProm memory 62Kbyte
Real-Time Clock
Ladder programming by PLProg for Windows
Graphics programming by TdDesigner for Windows
800 markers (logic relays)
128 bistable relays
128 timers 16bit
64 counters (up & down)
Mathematical and logic formulas
Integrated PID control algorithm
Range and Rescale functions
Contacts bit
Programming execution time 8ms min.
2 timed interrupts (1ms min.)