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Hanyoung Nux PAN Area Sensors

PAN Area Sensors Description

The PAN series area sensors are constructed with aluminum casing, providing durability and IP66 protection. As such they can be readily deploy in wet areas.

Thanks to its built-in mutual inteference prevention function, they can work in close proximity with another PAN sensor without causing signal error.


Type PAN10-N PAN20-N PAN40-N
Detection Through-Beam
Range 2 m 7 m
Detectable object opaque object Ø above 17 mm opaque object Ø above 32 mm opaque object Ø above 52 mm
Optical axis pitch 10 mm 20 mm 40 mm
Power Supply 12 ~ 24 V DC ± 10 % (Ripple P-P : Max. ± 10 % )
Current Consumption Below 220 mA Below 170 mA Below 100 mA
Control Output
NPN Open Collector Output (Loaded Voltage : Below 30 V DC,
Loaded Current : Below 100 mA, Residual Voltage : Below 1 V)
PNP Open Collector Output (Output Voltage (Power Voltage-
Above 2.5 V), Loaded Current : Below 100 mA)
Operation Mode
Transmitter - M/S MODE Conversion(Master & Slave MODE)
Receiver - A MODE : Output ON when all axes has been receiving light
O MODE : Output ON when One or more axis has been receiving light
Response Time Below 30 ms Below 15 ms Below 7 ms
Light source of Emitter Infrared LED (wave 860 mm) Infrared LED (wave 950 mm)
LED Indicator
Trns: Power indicator-Green LED, M/S indicator-Red LED
Rcvr: Stable light receiving indicator - Green LED, LED Indicator -
Red LED,E1 indicator - Red LED, E2 indicator - Blue LED
Material CASE : Alum, Front Cover : Acrylic , Lens : Acrylic
Operation S/W Trns : M/S Operation convertion S/W, Rcvr : A/O Operation convertion S/W
Protection Interference protection (M/S MODE), Output protection
Ambient light Sun lights : Below 10,000 lx
Ambient temperature During operation : -10 ~ 55 °C (NO icing)
Ambient humidity Below 35 ~85 % RH
Vibration 10 ~ 55 Hz, Double amplitude:1.5 mm, in each direction of X•Y•Z for 2 HR.
Case protection IP66
Dielectric Strength 1000 V AC (for 1 minute between current carry part and case)
Connect Method
Connetor Code type (Code Length : 200 mm, Using Code : 0.5
mm³ 4P, Apocrypha : Ø 5.5 Connector Part)
* Please take precautions since the detection distance can vary depending on the size and surface
condition of the detected object and the presence of gloss.
* PAN20-TL8 (light projector) and PAN20-TR8N (Receiver) comprise one set of PAN20-T8N.

Model Suffix code Description
PAN - [] [] [] [] Photo Area Aluminum Type
Optical axis pitch 20 ex) 20 - 20 mm
Detection T Trough Beam
Number of optical axes 16 ex) 16 -16 axes
Output N NPN output type
P PNP output type