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HanYoung Nux LY7 Weekly/Yearly Timers

LY7 Weekly/Yearly Timers Description

Programmable weekly/yearly timer which is suitable for both panel and rail mounting. Simple operation with season and holidays setting functions.


Model LY7
Power supply voltage 100 - 240 V a.c 50 / 60 Hz
Allowable voltage fluctuation ±10% of the power supply voltage
Power consumption 4.2 V A(220 V a.c 60 Hz)
Displaying method LCD displaying method(displayable digits : 4 digits 2 line)
- First line : alphabet height 12 mm, Second line : alphabet height 7 mm
1 cycle time 1 week(7 days), 1 year(calendar up to 2099 installed)
Electric power failure compensation time more than continuously 5 years (25 °C)
BOOT input use contact such as switch of relay
(but please use the contact that can suffiently open/close 5 V 0.1 mA)
Setting step Program setting number weekly program 48 STEP, yearly program 28 STEP
Season setting number 4 set
Yearly holiday setting number 12 set
External connection method panel inserting installation, panel exposing installation, DIN rail installation
Cycle error ±15 sec/month (25 °C)
Time error(setting, voltage, temperature) Max. ±0.01%, ±0.05 sec
Control output Contact composition 2 indipendent circuits, OUT1 : SPDT(1c), OUT2 : SPDT(1c)
Contact capacity NO contact, resistive load, NC contact, resistive load
Relay life Mechanical above 10 million times
Electrical above 50 thousands times(resistive load)
Insulation resistance Max. 100 MΩ(500 V d.c mega standard, electric conduction part
and exposed non-charging metal part)
Dielectric strength 2000 V a.c 50 / 60 Hz for 1 min(electric conduction part
and exposed non-charging metal part)
Noise immunity

sqaure shape wave form by means of the noise simulator (Pulse width = 1 µs)
, ±2 kV(between the operation power terminals)

Size Digital time switch(DIN Size 72(W) x 72(H) mm)