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HanYoung Nux GR100 Paperless Recorder

GR100 Paperless Recorder Description

GR100 is an advance paperless chart recorder with remote monitoring function through RS422/RS485 connection, using modbus protocol. It offers 6 or 12 channels input for wide range of signal types (17 kinds). Each channel supports 4 contact alarm outputs.

All interaction with the recorder is performed through its user friendly touch screen, where operator can configure various parameters such as data logging frequency to SD card.


Normal Specification

- Power supply:100 - 240 V a.c 50/60 Hz
- Voltage variable rate:+/- 10% of rated power supply
- Power consumption:Max. 24 VA
- Ambient temperature:0 ~ 50 °C
- Ambient humidity:20 ~ 90 % RH(No condensation)
- Vibration: Vibration width 1.2 mm Max(5 - 14 Hz)
- Shock: None
- Insulation resistance:Min 20 MΩ (500 V d.c between terminal and ground)
- Dielectric strength:2500 V a.c 50/60 Hz for 1 minute
(Between 1st terminal and 2nd terminal, between 1st terminal and ground)
- Thickness of panel:2 ~ 10 mm
- Material:Case → SPC, Front case(Bezel) → ABS
- External terminal:Bayonet mount type (available to separate when wiring)
- Memory backup:Internal memory - Parameters are saved
Outer memory - Measuring value (SD card: 1GB, Approx.
1 year data can be saved when the record cycle is 2 seconds)
- Weight:Approx 2.5 kg including packing box


- Number of channel:6 channels or 12 channels
- Input:Universal inputs(T/C 12 kinds, R.T.D 2 kinds, DC voltage 3 kinds)
- Range setting:Set input type and range by front touch menu
- Scale setting:Set Min. value, Max. value and unit by front touch menu
- Accuracy:0.1% of maximum range
- Measuring cycle:1 second
- Accuracy of standard contact correction:Max. +/- 1.3 °C for T/C
- Burn-out function:Detect disconnection of input signal for T/C and R.T.D
- Input correction:Zero / Span or offset correction per channel
- Allowable input signal resistance:T/C → Max. 250 Ω
d.c voltage → Max. 2 kΩ
R.T.D → Max. 10 Ω per wire
Note:resistance value of 3 wires should be equal)
- Input impedance:T/C, R.T.D, DC input(mV) → Min. 10 MΩ. DC input(V d.c) → Min. 1 MΩ
- Terminal:Bayonet mount type(available to separate when wiring)

Recording function

- Internal memory:Flash(Non-volatiles)-Setting parameter
- External memory:SD-Card 1GB, Approx. 1 year data can be saved when the record cycle is 2 seconds
- File system:FAT 16/32
- Data save cycle:1 ~ 900 sec.(Max. 15 min.)
- Save information:Measuring data, Message, Setting parameter, Alarm and cancellation
- Save method:According to the indication screen's touch menu selection, content is saved from the internal memory to the SD-CARD

Alarm function

- Alarm setting:4 alarms per channel
- Type of alarm:15 types

Alarm save selection:Start, stop or pass a data save function of recorder by alarm operation.

- Contact output:6 points or 12 points, Alarm, Burn-out, External contact input(D/I)

Indication part

- Indicator:TFT color LCD(113.28 mm x 84.71 mm), 320 x 234 Dots(18 bit color)
- Type of color:Color of channel → 12 kinds
Color of background → Black or white selectable
- Applicable language:English
- Operating screen:Horizontal trend, vertical trend, text, bar graph
- History screen:Display a past data in Horizontal / Vertical trend and text screen
- Status-view display:Display alarm, digital input(D/I), relay operation, event-log and memory status.
- Time axis setting:1 ~ 120 min.(Moving time between scale. m/div)
- Display cycle:According to time axis setting(Min. time 1 sec.)
- Screen-protection function:When no regulated time exists for screen manipulation, the backlight turns off and goes into screen-protection mode. The screen is restored when touched.