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Kimessa Car Park Gas Monitoring Car Park Garages Gas Sensors
Car Park Gas Monitoring

Car Park Gas Monitoring Car Park Garages Gas Sensors Description

CO gas measurement and control units are one of the basic pieces of equipment in car park garages. They are used in conjunction with ventilation systems to provide safety and clean air, efficiently.

The compact DUOline or CANline systems are reasonably priced solutions. Precise and selective measuring is a precondition for an optimum result.

The central units offer convenient, versatile monitoring through their well thought out and up-to-date technology. Individual ventilation concepts are realized with various control programs. The integrated on/off delay switches prevent the premature switching on of the ventilation system because of local short-term increases in CO concentrations.

CO measurement is only as good as the measuring principal. The KIMESSA KSE 504 gas measurement sensor is equipped with a selective CO measuring element. This guarantees effective and optimum ventilation while maintaining required safety levels and hindering false CO alarms.


The carbon monoxide CO gas monitoring and control systems are customized to individual car park garage for optimum operation. The system can range from a simple alarm output to more complex ventilation control for multiple zones and integration to building energy management system.

Please contact us for further details and assessment.

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