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Pixsys ATR-500 Indicator Controllers

ATR-500 Indicator Controllers Description

Multifunction device 48x96mm. ATR500 is an ideal solution whenever quick acquisition, flexibility and accuracy are required. Analog input is configurable for temperature sensors (TC J, K, S, PT100, NI100, 16bit resolution, sampling frequency 15Hz), linear signals (0…10V, 0…20mA, 4…20mA, 16bit resolution, sampling frequency 15Hz) and for potentiometers (3 wires voltage connection, 10 and 16bit, automatic calibration) as indicator for setpoints and min./max peak visualization. Input 0..10V (resolution 10bit) enables acquisition time 4ms (sampling frequency 250Hz). With this configuration 4 Setpoints are programmable and can be related to 4 control outputs ON/OFF with hysteresis, available as relay 5A- resistive or SSR.
Possibility of 16 point linearization of linear signal make ATR500 an ideal solution for liquid level reading of not regular section tanks. It relates 16 level sensor values (0…10V/4…20mA) to 16 free values of water column / liters / kg to adapt the measurement to the particular tank section. Device can also be configured as flow indicator: if sensor signal is instantaneous (eg. mA/hour, mA/second, V/minute) it is possible to visualize total liquid flow from start/reset signal.
Three PNP digital inputs are available: the first one for outputs block, the second one for switch of setpoints and the third one for peaks/flow reset.


SIZE: 48x96mm (frontal) x135mm (depht)
DISPLAY: 5 red digits, 4 red LEDs
INPUTS: 1 analog input configurable for TC K, J, S, PT100, NI100, 0-4…20mA, 0…10V (16bit, 15Hz), 0…10V (10bit, 100Hz) linearizable in 16 step, potentiometers (0…10V, 10- 16bit)
3 digital inputs PNP for outputs block, switch of Setpoint, peaks/flow reset
OUTPUTS: 4 relays 5A – resistive load + 1 SSR 10/12V-50mA
CONTROL MODE: ON/OFF control with hysteresis
SEALING: IP54 Frontal, IP30 Box, IP20 Terminal blocks
CONFIGURATION: Parameters protected by password