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90 MCB

90 MCB MCB MCB RCCB Description

The made in Italy Gewiss 90 miniature circuit breaker (MCB) range meets any requirements for protection against overcurrent and short-circuit, for all domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

The range is made up of four types of products:

  • MTC. Compact miniature circuit breakers, from 2 to 32A in B and C curve and breaking capacity up to 10kA;
  • MT. Traditional miniature circuit breakers, from 1 to 63A in B, C and D curve and breaking capacity up to 25kA;
  • MTH. High-performance miniature circuit breakers, from 20 to 125A in C and D curve and breaking capacity up to 25kA.
  • MT-NA. Economical MCB designed for domestic and tertiary application, from 6 to 63A in B and C curve and breaking capacity up to 6kA.


1P 1P+N 1P+N* 2P 3P 4P 1P 1P+N 2P 3P 4P
Icn [A] Curve In [A]
1 mod. 1 mod. 1 mod. 1 mod. 2 mod. 2 mod. 1 mod. 2 mod. 2 mod. 3 mod. 4 mod.
MTC 45 MT 45



2 GW90022 GW90602
6 GW90005 GW90025 GW90605 GW90045 GW90065 GW90085 GW92105 GW92125 GW92145 GW92165 GW92185
10 GW90006 GW90026 GW90606 GW90046 GW90066 GW90086 GW92106 GW92126 GW92146 GW92166 GW92186
13 GW90011 GW90031 GW90051 GW90071 GW90091 GW92107 GW92127 GW92147 GW92167 GW92187
16 GW90007 GW90027 GW90607 GW90047 GW90067 GW90087 GW92108 GW92128 GW92148 GW92168 GW92188
20 GW90008 GW90028 GW90608 GW90048 GW90068 GW90088 GW92109 GW92129 GW92149 GW92169 GW92189
25 GW90009 GW90029 GW90609 GW90049 GW90069 GW90089 GW92110 GW92130 GW92150 GW92170 GW92190
32 GW90010 GW90030 GW90610 GW90050 GW90070 GW90090 GW92111 GW92131 GW92151 GW92171 GW92191
40 GW92112 GW92132 GW92152 GW92172 GW92192



6 GW92305 GW92325 GW92345 GW92365 GW92385
10 GW92306 GW92326 GW92346 GW92366 GW92386
13 GW92307 GW92327 GW92347 GW92367 GW92387
16 GW92308 GW92328 GW92348 GW92368 GW92388
20 GW92309 GW92329 GW92349 GW92369 GW92389
25 GW92310 GW92330 GW92350 GW92370 GW92390
32 GW92311 GW92331 GW92351 GW92371 GW92391
40 GW92312 GW92332 GW92352 GW92372 GW92392
MTC 60 MT 60



1 GW92001 GW92021 GW92041 GW92061 GW92081
2 GW92002 GW92022 GW92042 GW92062 GW92082
3 GW92003 GW92023 GW92043 GW92063 GW92083
4 GW92004 GW92024 GW92044 GW92064 GW92084
6 GW90225 GW90245 GW90265 GW90285 GW92005 GW92025 GW92045 GW92065 GW92085
10 GW90226 GW90246 GW90266 GW90286 GW92006 GW92026 GW92046 GW92066 GW92086
13 GW90231 GW90251 GW90271 GW90291 GW92014 GW92034 GW92054 GW92074 GW92094
16 GW90227 GW90247 GW90267 GW90287 GW92007 GW92027 GW92047 GW92067 GW92087
20 GW90228 GW90248 GW90268 GW90288 GW92008 GW92028 GW92048 GW92068 GW92088
25 GW90229 GW90249 GW90269 GW90289 GW92009 GW92029 GW92049 GW92069 GW92089
32 GW90230 GW90250 GW90270 GW90290 GW92010 GW92030 GW92050 GW92070 GW92090
40 GW92011 GW92031 GW92051 GW92071 GW92091
50 GW92012 GW92032 GW92052 GW92072 GW92092
63 GW92013 GW92033 GW92053 GW92073 GW92093




6 GW90325 GW92205 GW92245 GW92265 GW92285
10 GW90326 GW92206 GW92246 GW92266 GW92286
13 GW90327 GW92214 GW92254 GW92274 GW92294
16 GW90328 GW92207 GW92247 GW92267 GW92287
20 GW90329 GW92208 GW92248 GW92268 GW92288
25 GW90330 GW92209 GW92249 GW92269 GW92289
32 GW90331 GW92210 GW92250 GW92270 GW92290
40 GW92211 GW92251 GW92271 GW92291
50 GW92212 GW92252 GW92272 GW92292
63 GW92213 GW92253 GW92273 GW92293




6 GW92405 GW92445 GW92465 GW92485
10 GW92406 GW92446 GW92466 GW92486
13 GW92414 GW92454 GW92474 GW92494
16 GW92407 GW92447 GW92467 GW92487
20 GW92408 GW92448 GW92468 GW92488
25 GW92409 GW92449 GW92469 GW92489
32 GW92410 GW92450 GW92470 GW92490
40 GW92411 GW92451 GW92471 GW92491