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Gewiss 68 Q-MC Energy & Services Utilities Terminals
68 Q-MC

68 Q-MC Energy & Services Utilities Terminals Description

The 68 Q-MC range is the innovative energy and utility services distribution system for environments such as tourist harbours, campsites and public spaces (trade fairs, markets etc.), combining maximum reliability technical performance and an attractive design for shape and geometries. The 68 Q-MC range offers maximum mechanical resistance and total reliability over time with respect to atmospheric and chemical agents, thanks to an unpainted technopolymer
coating with 650° self-extinguishing capacity according to the Glow Wire Test (EN 50298), and the use of stainless steel for all metal parts. All terminal versions are equipped with cable rails in order to avoid accidental tugging of the cable.
The various versions of Q-MC supply terminals conform to the EN 60439-1 Standard and therefore each terminal, whether already wired or to be assembled
following the Prearranged Construction System rules, is certified as AS, Standard Equipment. The system's extreme modularity is a very important feature,
as it allows the execution of possible modifications or variations of the various implementations while keeping design, safety and functionality features


Multifunctional terminals in insulating material in 6 different case dimensions for the ground and mobile distribution of electrical power, water, TV, telephone and signals.

  1. High resistance to atmospheric, chemical and mechanical agents and UV rays

  2. Mass colouring for constant efficiency over time

  3. Centralised and prepaid versions

  4. Customised, wired and certified versions
68QMC distribution terminal