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Pixsys ATR-142 Multifunction Controllers

ATR-142 Multifunction Controllers Description

Three setpoints controller size 32x74mm. The dual read/green display allows to visualize process and setpoint value at same time. The switching power supply with extended range 24...230Vac/dc does not require any jumpers setting.
Analog input is selectable for thermocouples type J, K, S, R , thermoresistances PT100, PTC 1K, NI100, NTC 10K (refrigeration industry) and PT500/PT1000 (widely used in air-conditioning), 0…10V, 0…20mA, 4…20mA. Potentiometers with full scale up to 6KO and 150KO may also be read, including function “Latch on” for quick calibration and setting of minimum, maximum and zero by frontal keys (see Application notes).
Three setpoints are available for command and/or alarm function, and they can be related to two relay outputs or to SSR output. The main relay of command output is 8A. The alarm relay is 5A (alarm modes: treshold, band, deviation; option manual reset of output by frontal keyboard for Limit controller function; delay at activation).
Open/Close logic for motorised valves also available.
Software features include ON/OFF, PID+Autotuning control and Heating-cooling PID with neutral zone. A single output (1 relay + SSR) version is available with serial communication RS485 and Modbus-RTU / Slave protocol for application with supervisory systems.
Sealing IP65 with frontal gasket(optional).
Optional Memory Card to copy all parameters, available also with internal battery therefore not requiring to power up the unit.
Software application LabSoftView for Windows enables setting and monitoring of parameters on PC.
Available upon request a special software release which integrates in the device both the basic control loop and the Timer function (incremental/decremental Timer and/or Pause/Work).


SIZE: 32x74(frontal)x58mm
POWER SUPPLY: 24...230Vac/Vdc
DISPLAY: 4 green digits + 4 red digits, 6 LEDs, decimal point
INPUTS: 1 selectable for TC K , R , J , S
PT100 , NI100 , PT500, PT1000 , PTC , NTC
0/4...20mA , 0...10V
Potentiometers <= 6KΩ , <= 150KΩ
Control relay 8A
Alarm relay 5A
SSR command/alarm
Open/Close logic, time-proportioned
Serial communication RS485, MODBUS-RTU/Slave (version -T)
CONTROL : ON/OFF , PID + Autotuning, Heating/Cooling PID
ACCURACY: 0.5%±1digit for TC/RTD; 0.2%±1digit for mA,V
Selectable software filter on input and visualisation
SEALING: IP54 Frontal (IP65 with optional gasket), IP30 Box, IP20 Terminal blocks
CONFIGURATION: parameters protected by password
MEMORY CARD with/without battery
Software Labsoftview 2.0 for programming and trend monitoring
SPECIAL FUNCTIONS(optional) : TimerON/TimerOFF, Pause-Work Timer (related to alarm relay)