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Gewiss Restart Automatic MCB RCCB

Restart Automatic MCB RCCB Description

Every year in many homes, there are accidents caused by inadequate electrical systems that expose homes and people to dangerous situations.

ReStart with Self-Test can be installed in the electrical enclosure of the home, and guarantees the total safety of the family and the building. ReStart with Self-Test is the only device that automatically reactivates the current only after having checked the good working state of the system, and every seven days it carries out the test of the residual current circuit breaker, without removing the voltage from the electrical system.

Main functions and advantages:

  • When the current tripped, owing to a storm or a sudden change in voltage, ReStart with Self-Test checks there are no faults in the electrical system, and only then reactivates the current in just one minute, protecting the home and the electrical devices.

  • In the event of a fault in the electrical system such as earth leakage, the residual current circuit breaker removes the current from the home, eliminating the risk of electric shocks. The system will then have to be re-arm manually.

  • Unlike other self re-closing systems which are meant for industrial/commercial applications only, the patented Gewiss Restart can be safely deployed in residentials and consumer-centric environments.

Successful Application Areas:

  • Data Center

  • Telecommunication sector

  • Traffic light

  • ATM machines

  • Fish farm

  • CCTV monitoring station


Model Idn Current Voltage
GW90921 30 mA 25 A 400 V
GW90922 30 mA 40 A 400 V
GW90923 30 mA 63 A 400 V
GW90927 300 mA 25 A 400 V
GW90928 300 mA 40 A 400 V
GW90929 300 mA 63 A 400 V


  • Residual current circuit breakers with automatic reset device, preventive control of insulation and periodical check of the good working condition, without removing the power supply from the system.
  • Residual current circuit breaker protection always guaranteed, even during the test cycle.
  • Integrated auxiliary contact.

NOTES: ReStart with Autotest PRO 4P guarantees the maximum safety and service continuity, thanks to a lower insulation control threshold and the continuous monitoring of the system over time.