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Shinko Technos DCL-33A Transmitter Controllers

DCL-33A Transmitter Controllers Description

DCL-33A is a compact, DIN rail mount type, PID controller. It can function as a signal converter/transmitter with user configurable setting (model: DCL33A-A/M only).


DCL-33A-   /M     Scale

Control Output

R       Relay Contact: 1A
S       Non contact volrage for SSR drive, 12VDC
A       DC Current: 4-20mA DC
Input   M     Multi typse input
Supply Voltage         100 to 240V AC
    1   24V AC/DC
Options       W(5A) 5A Heater burnout alarm
      W(10A) 10A Heater burnout alarm
      W(20A) 20A Heater burnout alarm
      W(50A) 50A Heater burnout alarm
      C5 Serial Communication (EIA RS-485)

Input Types Scale
Thermocouple K -200 to 1370°C, -320 to 2500°F
-199.9 to 400.0°C, -199.9 to 750.0°F
J -200 to 1000°C, -320 to 1800°F
R 0 to 1760°C, 0 to 3200°F
S 0 to 1760°C, 0 to 3200°F
B 0 to 1820°C, 0 to 3300°F
E -200 to 800°C, -320 to 1500°F
T -199.9 to 400.0°C, -199.9 to 750°F
N -200 to 1300°C, -320 to 2300°F
PL-II 0 to 1390°C, 0 to 2500°F
C(W/Re5-26) 0 to 2315°C, 0 to 4200°F
RTD Pt100 -200 to 850°C, -300 to 900°F
jPt100 -199.9 to 500.0°C, -199.9 to 900.0°F
DC Current 4 to 20 mA -1999 to 9999
-199.9 to 999.9
-19.99 to 99.99
-1.999 to 9.999
0 to 20 mA
DC Voltage 0 to 1V
0 to 5V
1 to 5V
0 to 10V

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