We provide standard and customized heaters for wide industrial applications. With our manufaccturing plants in Malaysia and Singapore, we are able to offer our customers one stop solution for their special and OEM heating needs.
Most customized heaters can be delivered within 2 to 3 working days.

Please contact us for your customized requirements.

band heaters Band Heaters:
  • Mica insulation
  • Precision wound resistance wire element
  • Sheath resistance to oxidation
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tubular heaters Liquid Immersion Heaters:
  • Materials available; SS304, SS316, copper, teflon sealed
  • Wide selection of killowatt ratings, shapes and mounting methods
  • Option for built-in thermostat control

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cartridge heaters Cartridge Heaters:
  • Materials available; SS304, SS316
  • High Watt density
  • Option for built-in thermocouple sensor
  • High reliability

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quartz, silica, ceramic heaters Quartz, Silica, Ceramic Heaters
  • Silica, Quartz, Neoceram, Ceramic materials
  • Wide selection of killowatt ratings
  • Reflector (option)
eco grill Eco Grill
  • World-wide patented grill
  • Fastest & uniform grill
  • Applications: Microwave oven grill; Tepanyaki grill; Kebab & BBQ grill
panel heaters Anti Condensation Panel Heaters
  • 50-1000W, 24V-240V
  • Prevent condensation and molding
  • Simple installation